Sunday, September 18, 2011

New 7 inch TV

I bought a little 7 inch TV from Walmart yesterday. It can be plugged in. Or it does have an internal rechargable battery that it can run on also. It has a little antenna that worked great.
I went into the menu and selected antenna. It had been on cable. Then I did the search for channels. I was in a little town with no large town nearby. I was able to bring up two channels crystal clear-- High Definition. I was amazed.
Here are two pictures of the TV on and the picture on it.

I sat in the back of my pickup with tailgate down and back window up. No problem with watching it in full sunlight.
It's by RCA and was $79
Unfortunately it is out of stock online for the great price of $59 that Walmart was selling them for.
Here is a link you can click for walmart's website to see the specs on it.
RCA Portable TV


  1. Thanks! I've wondered if these little TVs were worth investing in, and now I think I want one.

  2. You are so welcome. I was pleasantly surprised at what a crisp clear picture it had. It's much better than watching TV on my computer.

  3. I had my chioce of what I wanted for C'mas last year. I chose this little TV. It really comes in handy for boon docking or if you need to watch the news for disasters if all power goes out & you need to conserve your usage of your generator on your RV or whatever. I bought a bigger antenna for mine, but one that plugs into the TV with no electrical power. The TV runs off it's charged battery for about 2 hours. For the price, it's a pretty neat little TV. Try to find it online at for the better price if you like saving money. They can also do a site to store shipping, which usually costs nothing in shipping then, but takes a few days. Our stores don't carry them, so it had to be ordered anyhow.

  4. TexCyn, thank you for your input!
    I got 16 channels last night on mine but that's rare and a more powerful antenna would sure help.
    What brand of antenna did you get?