Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mobile Ebay Income

Check out this lady's blog. She makes money on ebay while she lives mobile.

This is one of her posts on the vandwellers yahoo group:

"Date: Tue Sep 6, 2011 8:25 pm ((PDT))

Selling ephemera on eBay while traveling would work great. I've sold vintage
ladies' designer silk scarves while traveling full-time, and it's a great fit
with mobile living.  Like ephemera, scarves can be tucked into an envelope and

I'm looking at hitting the road again this winter, and will definitely do eBay
along the way.  If you can find a niche selling something very small, it works!
I can store several thousand dollars worth of inventory in a single Rubbermaid
tote.  My packing supplies, computer, portable printer, etc., take up another
tote.  I had a big work counter built into my small rig for ironing and taking
pics of my scarves, with storage space underneath for the totes.

I have to tweak my business practices a little bit to work on the road, but not
much. For instance, when I'm in one place all the time, I can print out my
postage online, but when I'm traveling, I go to Post Offices to mail stuff.  But
that's part of the fun of traveling--going to small town post offices also means
finding small town coffee shops, thrift stores, etc.   

It is really fun to shop for eBay fodder while traveling!  I'm planning to set
up my own version of the "Silk Road" throughout the Southwest...keeping a home
base in New Mexico and another one in Arizona, and hitting some of the ritzier
towns such as Prescott and Palm Springs to pick up inventory.  Then going back
to one of my home bases to sell for a while between trips. 

You hit one of the keys for making this work, Kay--don't spend too much for your
inventory!  If you keep the risk low, selling on eBay is a blast. 

Sue Soaring Sun
The Guppy ~ 1982 Toyota Dolphin "

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  1. Thanks for featuring me in your blog, Kathleen! I'm now following yours, as well, and it's great. One other comment I would make about selling on eBay these days--about the economy--I used to be able to sell about 50% of the scarves I listed at auction on eBay within the first week of listing them. Now it's more like 20%. I've found that I get a higher response on the very best, most expensive goods than on more every day items. So I'm tweaking my business practices again, to begin selling only the very best items and not bothering with run-of-the-mill stuff. Now it has to be a great designer AND a colorful, interesting, maybe even provocative design, or there's no point in bothering with it.