Sunday, September 25, 2011

Air Mattress Bed too High in Back of Pickup

The bed was too high. Even though I have the highest camper shell that snugtop makes, I was just too close to the ceiling for comfort. AND I was above the top of the tailgate which made it difficult to get in and out.
So today, I will rearrange stuff so the height is lower and see how it works tonight.

There was no problem sleeping on air mattress without wood frame because the air mattress distributes weight so nothing smushes underneath.
BUT it will be nice to have build out so things can be taken in and out from underneath without taking the whole air mattress out.

Here is an
Enclosed sleeping platform and storage
just click the link above
The above presents the same problem--too difficult to get things out from underneath.
Here are two more ways to build a platform that allows easier access to stuff
truck camping platforms

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