Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bicycle Carrier

I crashed my bicycle carrier last night. I backed up, in the dark, in the rain, and hit a short, large, very sturdy metal pole. I didn't damage the pole but the carrier was bent bad and the wheel to one of the bikes was bent.
I bought a new bike carrier this morning and transfered the bikes over. I got the same kind as before.
The last one was on sale for $99. This one (same kind) was $79.
Now I need to get a new wheel for the bike.

Addendum to this post:
I took bike in for new wheel--it will be $53 including tax. They had to order it and it will take 10 to 12 days before it comes in.
Thankfully the frame and fork of bike were not damaged--all very straight still.


  1. Kathleen, which bicycle carrier do you use?

  2. I use the folding three bike carrier from Camping World
    I will post of a pic with it on my truck today