Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick Set Tent

I am trying out the quick set tent by Maccabee Sports. I bought it at Camping World. It seems to be the only tent they sell in their stores. They sell others online. The store representative said it is the first year they have had these tents. No one has returned one yet. There are no reviews on the website yet either. Here is the link to it:
 Quick Set Tent

It comes in a round backpacking friendly bag. It was REAL easy to set up. However, I put up a queen size air mattress inside it and it just about took up the whole amount of floor space. But if you put in a double size or single size, you have plenty or room for your "stuff".

I'm camping at a little lake, in it, for a week.

I slept in the tent for the first time last night, and it was too warm, no breeze. I didn't put on the rain fly, so there was some ventilation on top and one window--the entrance door. There are no other windows. I just put the rain fly on now, because it might rain, and I can imagine it will be even warmer in there tonight. I have my power pack and DC fan for tonight, if it gets too hot. I will let you know tomorrow if it rained and how it held up, if it did rain. It's thundering now.

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