Thursday, August 25, 2011

Resealing Snugtop Hi-Line Camper Shell

The manager at Stone's Trailers in San Marcos, TX, who is a snugtop dealer, quoted me a price of almost $500 to order more of the rubber seal strips and reseal my snugtop Hi-line camper shell. $320 of that would be labor. See previous post.

I called the main Snugtop number on Snugtop's website and talked to an employee there. The man told me that what the manager told me at Stone's was not true, that the shells were meant to be taken on and off and it doesn't affect the sealing ability. He took the name of the manager from me and gave me another dealer to call. He also told me that I could order the rubber seal and do the job myself, which I was thinking about doing. But, the new place I called is going to do it so inexpensively, that I am going to just have them reseal it for me.

The new place is Infinity Conversions. I called Infinity Conversions, another snugtop dealer, in Round Rock, TX yesterday. They quoted me $96 for them to order the rubber seal, new key for my camper shell, and new handle/lock for the crawl through window.
I paid that by credit card over the phone. To install both of those will be another $100.
Incredible, the difference!

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