Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Current Vehicles that I use for living Mobile

I have a 2004 sunline Solaris 25 foot travel trailer. I pull it with a 2001 Toyota Tundra double cab 4X4 pickup with a camper shell. I also have a 1998 Toyota Camry.
I have had the travel trailer and pickup in storage for the last month and living out of the Camry because gas is so high.

I found that storing the travel trailer with one of the vehicles is the least expensive to do at an RV park that allows storage. It only cost me $40 a month to store both.

This morning I will be switching to my pickup, and putting the Camry in storage with the travel trailer. I got a motel 6 room last night. I put everything from Camry into room. Now I am going to the RV park and switching the vehicles. I will take the pickup to the camper shell place, where I bought the camper shell, and get it taken off and resealed. They seem to all leak a bit, but going to keep that to a minimum. It's not the top of the topper that leaks but rather where the topper sits on the edges of the truck. Sometimes a little rain gets inside.

I have a black plastic bed liner in the truck and my son and I also installed the Bedrug over it. We just did the bottom and tailgate, not the sides. I bought it by the roll and we custom cut it. It is washable and sure makes a big difference. I especially like the part on the tailgate being carpeted, because I kneel on that to get in and it sure keeps the pain of the ridges of the truck away from the knees. It's very comfortable to sleep on also.

****Went to Stone's Trailers and Truck Covers in San Marcos TX this morning, (where I bought this camper shell used) to get snugtop Hi-Liner camper shell resealed. The manager refused to do reseal, like they had before for me, (I dealt with someone different before), saying that they were not made to come on and off the truck, that it could end up being worse. My son and I have taken that camper shell on and off a half dozen times before and after the other reseals. I called a snugtop dealer in Round Rock, TX and they are going to do it for me: Infinity Conversions

PS. Using these mounting clamps is nice because you don't have to drill a hole in truck:
 API AC101P6 Mounting Clamps for Truck Caps / Camper Shells (Set of 6)

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