Friday, October 21, 2011

Socks: Acrylic Versus Cotton

The California College of Podiatric Medical Study showed that runners that wore acrylic socks got less blisters than those wearing cotton socks.
Here is one of the studies:


Cotton Up to Acrylic Socks

There's a major debate raging in the sock world that could have far-reaching consequences for millions of blister-footed Americans—weekend walkers and Olympic marathoners alike. The cause of the current "friction" among foot care specialists is a study showing that acrylic socks may actually be better at preventing blisters than socks made of cotton or other natural fibers.

For years, natural fibers and natural materials (think cotton socks and leather shoes) have been the main recommendation of most podiatrists. The recent findings about man-made acrylic offering superior protection fly in the face of conventional wisdom and go firmly against the advice of most coaches, sports physicians, and athletes alike.

But research now shows that cotton socks produce twice as many blisters in runners as acrylic socks, and that the blisters formed by cotton socks are usually three times as big as those produced by their acrylic counterparts.

"As a veteran ling-distance runner and someone who treats runners for blisters every day," says Seal Beach, California, sports podiatrist and study author Douglas Richie, Jr., D.P.M., "the results don't surprise me in the least. I'm well aware that cotton fiber becomes abrasive with repeated use, and that it also loses its shape when wet. The shape of a sock is critical when it's inside a shoe.

"Many people equate acrylic with a silky, nylonlike fiber," says Dr. Richie, "yet spun acrylic feels exactly like cotton and maintains its soft, bouncy feeling even when wet."

Dr. Richie says the nonblistering property of acrylic socks holds true for any type of sporting activity, be it walking, running, tennis, etc. It could be worth a try."

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