Friday, October 7, 2011

Power Washing Inside of My Truck Bed

I took everything out of the inside of my truck bed AGAIN !
I was at a state park campground. I put everything on the picnic bench and tarps.
Then I drove to car wash.
I ended up taking out the bed rug out of the bed. I left the piece that is on the tailgate.
I still have the plastic bed liner.
Lucas fuel treatment had spilled on that other part of the rug and just could not seem to get it clean. So out it went.

Then I power washed the whole inside of truck bed.

It wasn't quite dry enough that night. So I just threw my air mattress in the back and slept.
Then the next day, I let truck sit out in the sun and everything got nice and dry. I put everything back in, put air mattress on top of all and now all set again.

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