Monday, October 17, 2011

Amazon Prime

I have some remote property in southwest texas that I use as a home base. Most people that live out there have their items shipped to them by Amazon. It's less expensive than driving miles and miles to seach for items. It also saves time.

Amazon purchasing and shipping is also an ideal way for someone that lives mobile to receive items they need/want. When you are living mobile, sometimes you don't have a week to wait for an item. Amazon Prime is a great way to get your item quickly so you can be on your way.

Amazon has a shipping choice called Amazon Prime. It cost $79 a year. You get a free one month trial of it. If you like it, then you don't cancel and you are charged the $79. If you don't like it then cancel anytime in that month.

I tried it a couple of years ago to ship some heavy items and it worked perfectly. I canceled it after I shipped them because I didn't plan on ordering anything else for a few months. When I got on the road, I immediately joined and have been using it frequently now. Click here to read more about:
Amazon Prime

This is what Amazon Prime includes:

#1 Unlimited two day free shipping
#2 No minimum order
#3 One day shipping for $3.99 an order item
#4 Unlimited streaming of thousands of instant movies and tv shows


  1. hi. i love amazon prime. it's saved me $100s in shipping. plus i don't have cable or satellite tv, so between amazon and hulu plus, i stay pretty well entertained. it's also what i plan on using for tv when i start van dwelling full-time next year.

  2. Fantastic! Thank you for that input. I started using it last year and it sure is convenient. I always ask myself when I spend money-- Can this be used for more than one thing?
    With Amazon Prime the answer is always yes yes and yes!