Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Awning on my Travel Trailer

The awning blew off my little 25 foot travel trailer, while I was driving, last year. YES, I did have it rolled up and secured. But i guess the wind hit it just right and ripppppp.

Now that it is starting to warm up again, I decided I need to have it replaced. I called a business that does mobile rv repair etc. They measured and had me pick out my awning. I'm just going with a basic one in different colors of browns.
Carefree Simplicity-- Sierra Brown.
With instalation, shipping, the roller and awning, and hardware it comes to just over $1,000.

Here is a must have book that tells people, who have RVs, ways to do things themselves--saves money!
This book is a compilation of the best tips submitted by readers of the Trailer Life magazine column "10-Minute Tech." These RVers have discovered simple, quick ways to solve small onboard problems; get things to run smoother, quieter, and better; personalize an RV with changes and upgrades; and make life on the road easier."


  1. Hi, did the awning unfurl? Anyone that has an RV with an awning NEEDS an awning saver! Check out my blog on them. Not trying to plug your blog with mine, but I think it's important to secure the roller bar so it can't unfurl. Ask the repair place about making something up if you don't want to do a diy one yourself.
    Sorry it happened though.

  2. Thank you! It didn't unfurl, that I am aware of. I was going around a curve in the road, heard a noise, stopped and the awning was nowhere to be found--so I am clueless. Just the arms were dangling. It was bizarre. Thanks for the tip. I am definitely going to do everything I can to secure this one better.