Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stealth Air Conditioning

Posted on vandwellers :

"You can make your own portable AC by taking a window unit and boxing it, with a
fresh air input and an exaust house.   Run the 2 hoses to a window, or better
yet, to breather holes cut into the floor, etc.  A duct booster or two can be
used on the vent hoses to move the air...

This will allow you to build a little 5,000 BTU unit that will not blow people's
breakers when plugged into their houses, etc.   Being 5,000BTU will also allow
you to run off of generators much smaller than what is required to run roof-top
units, etc.

best of all, you can make the entire setup for under $200...   Try getting any
professional RV A/C solution for that...


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